Acne Med Tips

Follow the timetable

Benzoyl Peroxide can be extremely irritating and drying.   During the initial weeks, you will experience some dryness, redness, itching, flaking, tightness or mild peeling. This is temporary and will subside as your skin adapts to the product. Try to put up with some peeling as it will eventually go away; but if you get “uncomfortably dry”, then let us know.

Avoid eye area and lower neck

Do not use Acne Med on your neck or eye area as the tissue is too delicate and will irritate the skin too much.

No eye cream in the PM

Do not use eye cream or moisturizer around the eyes or neck because the acne Med will migrate through the cream and cause irritation and possible swelling.

Avoid eye irritation

Allow your Acne Med to dry before going to bed. If your eyelids get irritated, try changing your pillowcase more often. When you are wearing acne med all night, it will get on the pillowcase.

Smile lines

This area tends to be the most sensitive area on the face and will be the first place you see irritation and dryness. You can put a very thin layer of Rhonda Allison Pro Salve on this area to occlude it for a few days and then resume product regular product use.      

Working out? Remove Acne Med

Do not wear Acne Med when you expect to perspire, as in exercising or physical labor or getting hot in the sun. If you are wearing it, wash it off or it will irritate your skin.

Will bleach fabric

Acne Med will bleach fabric, so we suggest wearing a white shirt or T-shirt when using it. Also, use a white washcloth when removing from your skin. Use white pillowcases when you start wearing it overnight. Make sure and wash your hands with soap after using it to avoid bleaching towels.

Allergic reaction

Dry or irritated skin is often not an allergy.  Allergies to benzoyl peroxide are rare but do occur occasionally.   Dry skin does not constitute an allergic reaction; rather an allergy is characterized by itching, swelling, or burning associated with a rash like a mild case of poison ivy dermatitis. If you are experiencing unusual irritation or an allergic reaction occurs, stop using Acne Med and contact us immediately.

Diligence pays off

If you skip a day or two or only spot treat, it gives a chance for acne to form. You will never get clear if you skip your home care.