Acne / Body

If you suffer from back acne, I have some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that it can be tricky to treat and antibiotics from the dermatologist, will not get the job done. However, the good news is that the skin on your chest and back is not nearly as sensitive as the skin on your face and neck. Consequently, it can be treated with topical acne treatment products that are just too strong for other areas. When the right products are used in the right way, body acne clears quite nicely.

Mild body acne is often treated effectively with BiON Antibacterial Wash. With more severe or persistent body acne the primary objective is to exfoliate the dead skin cells that are clogging the pore. This can be done with Rhonda Allison Pumice Wash or Face Realtiy Acne Face Scrub. If you body acne is inflamed; meaning red, cystic, pustular, sometimes painful or hot to the touch a good option is to cleanse with Face Reality Acne Wash then correct in the AM with a strong Mandelic serum and correct in the PM with a Benzoyl Peroxide acne med. Rhonda Allison Perfection Clay Mask is an excellent spot treatment. This mask is applied directly to each lesion and left on the skin overnight. Rhonda Allison Blemish Complex or Face Reality Acne Med may be applied under this mask.

Another acne related problem is keratosis pilaris, often referred to as chicken skin. It is usually found on the back of the arms and can be treated the same as back acne. Though not technically acne, it also is a result of clogged pores so that area of the skin needs to be exfoliated. The skin on the back of your arms is more sensitive than on your back and chest, so you have to be a little less aggressive with the topicals. The studio favorite for treating this condition is Rhonda Allison Pumice Wash.