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Acne - Adult

Adult acne is characterized by hormonal blemish flares along the chin and jawline. 

 It is essential not to use acne products that are overly drying with this type of acne. Over drying the skin leads to premature sagging of the skin and leaves the skin more vulnerable to hyper-pigmentation spots.  

Many adult acne sufferers do well by adding Rhonda Allison Mandelic Defense Lotion/Toner to their daily skincare routine.

If you get those hormonal cysts that take forever to heal, icing is your friend, as well as Nelly De Vuyst Hygia.

An essential part of balancing the hormones is eliminating milk, peanuts, and soy from your diet.

If the skin has blackheads or looks congested on the chin, try Nelly De Vuyst Purifying Extract.  This will decongest the skin without causing dryness or flaking.

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